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Drive Community Engagement With Bus Media

Wilkins Media

November 2, 2023 • 3 min. read

Did you know that bus ridership actually increases as the temperature drops? As we start to enter the winter season, now is the time to learn about the types and benefits of bus advertising. Buses, particularly in urban areas, are constantly on the move, serving and connecting the community. Transforming the mundane commute into a dynamic marketing canvas, bus advertising offers a plethora of advantages that can elevate a brand's visibility and impact. 

Bus Ad Formats

Buses are some of the hardest working formats when it comes to reach, frequency, and impressions but they are also amazing canvases. Let's dive into some of the different formats:

  • Full Wraps: cover the entirety of the bus and is the most eye-catching display
  • Kings: standard ad size on the side of a bus that easily turns heads as it is eye-level 
  • Kongs: larger format ad on the side of a bus that go from wheel to wheel
  • Ultra Super King: even larger than a Kong size, it covers even more space on the bus side 
  • Queens: ad on the side of the bus but size is a bit smaller than Kings, allowing for more affordable pricing
  • Interior Cards: bus interior ads that engage with riders and take advantage of long dwell time
  • Tails: format that covers the back of a bus
  • Fullback: a larger size format that covers larger portion of the back of the bus
  • Headlights: ad between the front headlights that people can see coming from a distance

Advantages of Bus Advertising

High Visibility and Reachimg_transportation-bus wrap 2 (1)

One of the unique advantages of bus advertising is that buses only travel on busy roads, essentially mirroring the foot traffic of a particular area. This means that bus ads are always being seen, not only by riders but by those who are out and about on the streets. With their large size and captivating designs, bus advertisements have excellent visibility on the streets. It's impossible for pedestrians, drivers, and passengers not to notice the bold and colorful ads as buses pass by. Bus advertising remains an incredibly powerful and effective marketing tool, offering countless benefits to businesses and brands. Its ability to reach a wide audience, its high visibility, mobility, and constant presence make it the perfect choice for businesses aiming to increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers.

Cost-EffectiveUniversity of Florida Bus Ad Orlando

Compared to other forms of advertising, bus advertising is a budget friendly option that doesn't compromise on impact. Affordable CPMs make bus advertising an attractive choice particularly for small and medium size businesses with limited marketing budgets. Bus ads allow brands to achieve widespread exposure without breaking the bank, making it a smart investment for those looking to make the most of their dollars. 

Reach a Targeted AudienceJohns Hopkins Medicine Bus Kings Washington DC

Bus routes are set to specific routes, and in tern, cover specific demographics and geographical areas. This intrinsic feature allows advertisers to reach specific target audiences, neighborhoods, and communities effectively. Bus advertising can help develop awareness and comfortability of a brand within these hyper-local communities which is particularly advantageous for advertisers such as local attorneys, financial institutions, health providers, local restaurants, and more. For larger regional or national brands, this form of advertising also provides an opportunity for larger brands to make local references, fostering strong community engagement.

Your Message On The Move

Unlike static billboards or signage, bus advertising offers the unique advantage of mobility. Buses travel along fixed routes, covering various neighborhoods and business districts, reaching pedestrians, drivers, and bus passengers alike. This dynamic mobility amplifies the exposure of the advertiser. Herrs Foods.png1

Long Exposure Time

Unlike other forms of advertising, bus ads offer a longer exposure time. Pedestrians waiting at bus stops, passengers inside the bus, and drivers alongside the vehicle all have the opportunity to engage with the ad for an extended period. If advertisers opt for interior cards there is an even larger opportunity for extended dwell time with the advertiser's message. This extended exposure contributes to better brand recall, as the message has more time to make a lasting impression.

In short:

  • Buses mirror foot traffic so the ads on the side are always being seen
  • Buses follow a route allowing brands/businesses to be hyper-targeted and reach specific communities
  • Buses are always moving giving you high reach, frequency, and impressions
  • Traffic is slowing which is increasing bus ad dwell time
  • Buses are seen by everyone on the street; pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists, and bus riders
  • Bus ads go where other media formats aren't allowing you to stand out
  • Bus ads are affordable and effective! Naples, Marco Island, Everglades CVB


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