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Lights, Camera, OOH: Utilizing OOH Advertising During Award Season

Wilkins Media

March 7, 2024 • 2 min. read


With awards season is in full swing and the Oscars coming up in just a few days, the spotlight intensifies not only on the nominees but also on the strategies employed to promote them. While we are certainly living in the digital age, the power of out-of-home advertising cannot be ignored, especially when creatively and strategically used to amplify awareness for films, TV shows, and music during the award season frenzy. 

Creating Buzz and Visibility

Out-of-home advertising offers unparalleled visibility. Imagine driving through a bustling cityscape or waiting at a subway platform only to be greeted by larger-than-life images of your favorite stars or the latest blockbuster movie. Such moments not only capture attention but also embed the content in the public consciousness, sparking conversations and generating buzz. OOH proves to be a great tactic leading up to content release dates to build anticipation and drive a successful debut.

During award season, strategic OOH placements featuring nominated films, TV series, or even music artists or albums serve as constant reminders. Creative that incorporates quotes from critics' reviews, online sentiment from fans, or even box office or sales achievements can extend the interest in this content and generate heightened anticipation leading up to the ceremonies.

Targeting Key Demographics

One of the remarkable aspects of OOH advertising is its ability to target specific demographics with precision. By selecting prime locations and tailoring messaging, marketers can reach audiences most likely to engage with the promoted content. For instance, advertisements for critically acclaimed indie films might dominate areas known for their artistic communities, while mainstream blockbusters could find success in high-traffic urban centers.

During awards season, this targeting becomes even more strategic. Advertisers can leverage OOH to reach demographics with a penchant for award-nominated content. For example, ads for dramas nominated for Oscars might be strategically placed in cultural districts frequented by cinema enthusiasts.

Integrating Digital and Physical Spaces

In today's digitally connected world, the synergy between online and offline advertising channels is paramount. Out-of-home advertising seamlessly bridges these realms, offering opportunities for cross-promotion and interactive experiences.

For instance, QR codes on street level OOH can direct pedestrians to movie tickets, online streaming platforms, or even exclusive online content such as behind-the-scenes footage or interviews related to nominated works. Social media hashtags prominently displayed on the ads can also encourage consumers to join the conversation and share their excitement about upcoming awards.

Amplifying the Awards Experience

Out-of-home advertising extends beyond merely promoting nominated content; it also enhances the awards experience itself. From themed installations in public spaces to interactive displays at event venues, OOH transforms passive spectators into active participants. Immersive experiences not only celebrate the nominated works but also foster a sense of community and shared excitement among fans.


In the fast-paced world of entertainment, where competition for audience attention is fierce, out-of-home advertising emerges as a formidable strategy during awards season. Its ability to create buzz, target key demographics, integrate digital and physical spaces, and amplify the awards experience makes it an indispensable component of any comprehensive marketing strategy.


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