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Making Waves: Exploring Water-Related Out-of-Home Advertising Options for Summer

Wilkins Media

May 23, 2024 • 2 min. read

As summer begins, brands are gearing up to make a splash with their advertising campaigns. One innovative way to capture attention during the warmer months is through water-related out-of-home (OOH) advertising. From sailboats gliding gracefully across the water to playful beach sand stamps stopping consumers in their tracks, these unique advertising strategies offer businesses a refreshing way to connect with their audience. Let’s dive into some of the most effective water-related OOH advertising options for the summer season and explore the benefits they offer.

  1. Sailboat Advertising: Imagine your brand's message on the canvas of a sail as it gracefully cuts through the water. Sailboat advertising offers a captivating and memorable way to reach beachgoers, boaters, and waterfront spectators alike. With a large, visible canvas and the ability to navigate busy waterways, sailboat advertising ensures your message stands out. The leisurely pace of sailboats allows for prolonged exposure to your advertisement, maximizing its impact.

Benefits of Sailboat Advertising

  • High Visibility: Sailboats attract attention wherever they go, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.
  • Targeted Reach: By strategically navigating popular waterways and coastal areas, sailboat advertising allows you to target specific audiences, such as beach enthusiasts and tourists.
  • Memorable Experience: The picturesque nature of sailboats creates a memorable advertising experience that resonates with viewers long after they've left the waterfront.
    Coors Sailboat

  1. Water Taxis: Water taxis offer more than just a convenient mode of transportation; they provide a unique advertising platform that reaches both locals and tourists exploring waterfront destinations. Wrapped in vibrant advertisements, water taxis become mobile billboards, ferrying passengers to and from popular waterfront attractions. With their frequent comings and goings, water taxis ensure your message reaches a diverse audience throughout the day. Some water taxis also offer advertising within the boat, reaching those traveling on the boat during an extended dwell time. 

Benefits of Water Taxi Advertising

  • Constant Exposure: Water taxis operate throughout the day, exposing your advertisement to a continuous stream of passengers and onlookers.
  • Local Integration: Advertising on water taxis allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand into the fabric of waterfront communities, establishing a strong local presence.

Water Taxi

  1. Beach Sand Stamps: For businesses looking to leave a unique impression, beach sand stamps offer a creative and interactive advertising solution. These custom stamps imprint brand logos and messages onto the sandy shores of beaches, leaving a tangible mark that beachgoers can't miss. Whether it's a playful design or a promotional offer, beach sand stamps turn the beach itself into a canvas for your advertisement.

Benefits of Sand Stamps:

  • Engagement: Beachgoers are drawn to interactive experiences, making beach sand stamps an effective way to engage with your audience on a personal level.
  • Novelty: The novelty of seeing branded imprints in the sand captures attention and generates buzz among beach visitors, sparking conversations and photo opportunities.
  • Branding Opportunity: By associating your brand with leisure and relaxation, beach sand stamps create positive brand associations that resonate with consumers long after they've left the beach.

Madonna Sand Stamp

4. Digital Boats: These innovative vessels are equipped with high-resolution LED screens that display dynamic advertisements as they cruise along waterways. Digital boat displays combine the captivating allure of sailboat advertising with the versatility of digital media, creating an immersive advertising experience that commands attention.

Benefits of Digital Boats:

  • Dynamic Content: Digital boat displays allow advertisers to showcase dynamic content, including videos,  ensuring their message remains fresh and engaging.
  • Entertainment Value: The dynamic nature of digital boat content brings an element of entertainment to the ad. Spectators are more likely to be captivated by something in full motion, wanting to see what happens next.  

Rolling Loud

In conclusion, water-related OOH advertising options offer businesses a refreshing way to make waves during the summer season. Whether it's the majestic presence of sailboats, the convenience of water taxis, or the playful appeal of beach sand stamps, each option provides unique benefits for reaching and engaging with audiences in waterfront environments. So, as temperatures rise and beach umbrellas dot the coastline, consider making a splash with water-related OOH advertising to ensure your brand stays afloat in the minds of consumers this summer.

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