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Messaging on the Move: Taxi & Rideshare Media

Wilkins Media

March 28, 2024 • 1 min. read


While out-of-home advertising may bring to mind classic billboards and transit media may make you think of buses and trains, we must not forget the importance and potential of utilizing taxi and rideshare media within advertising campaigns. Taxi and rideshare media leverages the mobility and visibility of vehicles to reach targeted audiences.  

Betfred Swarm

Captive Audience, Maximum Exposure

Taxis and rideshare vehicles have advertising options on both the interior and exterior on the vehicles, reaching other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers alike. Rideshare wraps are especially great at cutting through a sea of vehicles and standing out with creative messaging. Wraps are actually the #1 most memorable form of transit advertising with 64% of people remembering seeing a wrapped vehicle ad in the past 30 days (Nielsen 2019 study). Taxi tops can be static or digital and provide a unique opportunity to rise above traffic. Interior advertisements on tablets or taxi TV screens are a fantastic way to engage with passengers over an extended dwell time throughout their trip. 

Targeted Reach, Local Impact

One of the primary advantages of advertising on taxis and rideshares is its ability to target specific geographical areas effectively. Whether it's promoting a local business, an event, or a product launch, these vehicles traverse neighborhoods, business districts, and high-traffic areas, ensuring exposure to a wide audience. This localized approach enhances relevance and maximizes impact, especially for businesses looking to connect with local communities. Rideshare swarms are a particularly effective strategy to target events such as holiday festivals or parades, and even sporting events such as NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB games. This coordinates several wrapped rideshares to be at the same place at the same time, really making a visually stunning impact. 

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Brand Visibility

Incorporating ads on taxis and rideshares seamlessly integrates brands into the urban landscape. These moving "billboards" turn heads, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression on viewers. With creative designs and compelling messaging, advertisers can capture attention in transit, reinforcing brand identity and fostering brand recall long after the ride ends. Moreover, the visibility of these ads extends beyond passengers to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.


The effectiveness and benefits of out-of-home advertising through taxis and rideshares are undeniable. From targeting specific demographics and geographies to cutting through the clutter to make a memorable impression, this innovative approach offers a compelling proposition for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression on potential consumers. 

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