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QR Codes Expand Out of Home to Online

Wilkins Media

July 13, 2023 • 2 min. read

QR codes have completely transformed the way businesses advertise in the great outdoors. These codes are a game-changer, as they allow customers to scan the ad with their smartphones and be taken directly to a website or landing page, seamlessly transitioning from in-real-life (IRL) to your URL in just a few seconds. This eliminates the need for potential customers to remember your website's web address or conduct a search, making it much easier for them to purchase. In fact, QR codes have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 30% - a significant improvement that could mean a world of difference to brands.

QR codes have not only revolutionized the way businesses advertise, but they have also become a trendsetting art form. Unique and creative designs are being implemented by businesses like Flowcode, who have taken QR codes to a whole new level by creating scannable beauty. From stunning geometric patterns to intricate floral designs, QR codes are now being customized to match a brand's aesthetic, adding a touch of elegance to outdoor advertising. These visually appealing codes attract attention and improve brand recognition and recall, making them a powerful tool in a marketer's arsenal. With QR codes becoming more than just a functional tool, it's no wonder businesses are incorporating them into their branding strategy.

087371c1-0820-43ba-8608-82c057d001fcThe pixelated artwork not only offers a way to track the success of your outdoor advertising campaign but also provides valuable insights into consumer behavior. By analyzing the data collected from QR code scans, brands can better understand their target audience's preferences and tailor advertising efforts accordingly. For example, if a particular product or service is generating more scans than others, the brand may decide to shift marketing dollars to that particular offering. The same principle applies to analyzing different ad creatives. If a campaign has different ad creatives all promoting the same product or service, but some are generating more QR code scans than others, the brand may decide to streamline the campaign to the best-performing ad. 

QR codes can be customized to collect specific data, such as the location of the scan or the time of day, which can help brands identify trends and optimize advertising efforts further. With the ability to collect and analyze real-time data, QR codes allow marketers to make informed decisions about their advertising strategy. 

QR codes are a versatile addition to any out-of-home (OOH) campaign, making their mark on everything from iconic Times Square billboards to screens at gas station pumps. With the ubiquity of smartphones, QR codes seamlessly integrate into various OOH formats, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. They have proven successful not only in high-traffic areas with longer exposure times but also on buses and taxi tops, effectively guiding people to websites through a simple scan. The one place we wouldn't recommend a QR code- a highway billboard. While billboards are a great way to spread your message, scanning a QR code would while driving would be very unsafe! 

By incorporating QR codes into your OOH strategy, marketers can tap into the power of data-driven audience targeting and elevate the impact of their advertising efforts.Herrs Bike Share


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